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2014 vExperts Announced!

Fresh from the press! The vExpert 2014 results are in. Corey Romero made a new VMTN blog post announcing the vExperts for 2014. I am honoured to be on the list again this year. This is a great community full with experts and VMware fanatics. Each in their own way, either they work for VMware […]

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Veeam Explorer for Active Directory BETA is now available

Veeam just announced the public beta for Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD). Veeam is working on the next B&R release (v8) for a while now and even though there is nothing public known about any of the new features this is a first ‘small’ announcement. The Veeam Explorer family is growing once more. Veeam […]

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Sending Veeam One Alarm Notifications using Prowl

I received a question from a customer last week if it was possible to send “Prowl” notifications or text messages using Veeam One by default. Now by default there is no Prowl or text message option but we support 3 things you can do with an alarm: Send email notification Send SNMP trap Run script […]

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RVTools 3.6 released

What is RVTools? RVTools is a windows .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display information about your virtual machines and ESX hosts. Interacting with vCenter 2.5, ESX(i) Server 3.x, ESX(i) Server 4.x, vCenter 4.x, ESXi Server 5.x and vCenter 5.x. RVTools is able to list information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks, Partitions, […]

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Patch 3 for Veeam Backup & Replication 7 released!

Veeam released the third patch for Veeam Backup & Replication 7 (build number: The KB page is available at Release notes Engine Significantly reduced load on SQL Server hosting the configuration database, and improved performance of various job activities and user interface operations. vSphere Improved vCenter Server hierarchy enumeration logic to speed up […]

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vExpert 2014 applications are open!

Today VMware announced they have opened the vExpert 2014 applications. You can now submit your application and invite other people. Just like the last 2 years VMware offers 3 different paths. The deadline for application is March 6th, 2013 for Q1, after that you can become a vExpert in Q2, Q3,… Evangelist Path
 The Evangelist […]


vCenter Server 5.1 Update 2 released

VMware released update 2 for vCenter Server 5.1 which adds some nice features and enhancements. If you haven’t updated to vSphere 5.5 yet make sure you update your 5.1 environment. What’s new? So what’s new with this update? vCenter Server is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2 Additional Guest Operating System Customization Support: vCenter […]

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Heads up with backing up > 2TB VMDK disks using HotAdd

If you are using HotAdd to backup VMDK disks which are larger then 2TB while running vSphere 5.5 be warned that this will fail silently as described in KB2068424. When using the HotAdd transport mode, you are unable to back up disks that are 2 TB or larger in size. Backing up disks larger than […]

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New Fling: Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application by VMware Labs

VMware Labs released a new Fling called Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application. The download is available for Windows. What is it? This application verifies the correct installation and operation of the View Horizon Real-Time Audio-Video functionality. It provides a player that displays the “virtual webcam” feed, and also loops back the audio if required. This allows […]

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New Fling: vCO-CLI by VMware Labs

VMware Labs released a new Fling called vCO-CLI. The download is available for Windows and Linux. What is it? vCO-CLI aims to provide exploratory programming to the vCO ecosystem. It connects to a running vCO server and presents a JavaScript REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) to the user. All vCO plug-ins, workflows and the entire scripting API can […]

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