DELL EqualLogic SAN Headquarters v2.5 released

DELL EqualLogic SAN Headquarters v2.5 released

DELL EqualLogic

DELL released a new SAN Headquarters version, this is an update towards the v2.2 release which is dated back to October 2011.

SAN Headquarters enables you to monitor multiple PS Series groups from a single graphical interface. It gathers and formats performance data and other vital group information. Analyzing the data might help you improve performance and more effectively allocate group resources.

DELL EqualLogic SAN Headquarters Version 2.5 supports the following new features:

  • SAN Assist
    SAN Assist is a new and very important feature of SAN HQ that enables quick and efficient collection and transmission of Dell EqualLogic PS Series group diagnostic data to Dell Support. Diagnostics are collected automatically on a user-configurable schedule, on-demand as needed, or whenever a critical event occurs. The diagnostics data can be reviewed by Dell Support staff to help expedite support processes, streamlining and enhancing your support experience. SAN Assist is an optional feature and must be enabled manually.
  • Support for PS Series Firmware v6.0 features
    • View the amount of space available for a group to borrow for snapshots, including actual free space available and actual snapshot reserve space available.
    • View information about deleted volumes in the Recovery Bin.
    • I/O monitoring of Synchronous Replication (SyncRep) volumes, including a summary of SyncRep information for all groups.
    • Identify NAS volumes from the Volumes context link option and from information on several panel views.
  • Support for new PS Series array platforms

    • PS-M4110 storage blade
    • PS4100/PS6100 & PS4110/PS6110 Series arrays
    • PS6500ES/PS6510ES Series hybrid arrays
  • Additional Features / Enhancements

    • New SyncRep report and snapshot schedules report
    • Select time ranges when creating SANHQ archives
    • User settable email alert frequency
    • Volume I/O Summary for all Groups
    • IQN strings on volume views – to simplify volume to host association
    • Default time range selection
    • Default ICMP Ping timeout selection – reduces alert clutter
    • New alerts for snapshot/replica schedules and snapshot/replica collection schedules not meeting their keep counts
    • Automatic weekly update of the SAN HQ local repository, including newly supported disks and hardware, used for Estimated IOPS calculations
    • New CLI for adding groups to the SAN HQ Server
    • Improved Live View & SNMP Polling Responsiveness – Allow Live View operations to poll data as fast as 1 second frequency
    • Enhanced messages for the Member Disk RPM and Member Disk Protocol Mismatch alerts
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