DELL EqualLogic SAN Headquarters v2.6 released

DELL EqualLogic

DELL released a new SAN Headquarters version, this is an update towards the v2.5 release which is dated back to December 2012. SAN Headquarters 2.6 supports PS Series firmware version 5.0 or higher.

SAN Headquarters enables you to monitor multiple PS Series groups from a single graphical interface. It gathers and formats performance data and other vital group information. Analyzing the data might help you improve performance and more effectively allocate group resources.

DELL EqualLogic SAN Headquarters Version 2.6 supports the following new features:

  • Dell EqualLogic RAID Reliability
    SAN HQ’s RAID Evaluator has been enhanced to analyze the overall effectiveness of your current RAID policy, based on Dell’s baseline recommendations for all members in a group. SAN HQ calculates a RAID policy reliability score, which rates your current storage configuration’s resilience should it encounter a disk failure. You can enter a different RAID policy to evaluate potential reliability improvements. From this data and from recommended best practices, you can make an informed decision whether to change your current RAID policy.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Windows 8
  • SAN Assist has been renamed to Dell SupportAssist
  • Additional Features / Enhancements
    • New Alert Display Settings on the General Settings page, which allows you to hide all disabled email alerts from the SAN HQ GUI.
    • New alerts for RAID policy reliability reporting.
    • Proactive notification to SAN HQ clients when the SAN HQ remote server is upgraded.
    • Improved initial launch of the SupportAssist Configuration Wizard.
    • SupportAssist Activity Log view now highlights failed/completed activity.
    • SupportAssist configuration now includes timezone information.
    • New Queue Depth column on the All Volumes Summary view.
    • New Volumes Performance report.
    • Configuration report has been enhanced to include network/ethernet ports configuration information.
    • All Groups Hardware/Firmware Summary view and the Hardware and Firmware report have been enhanced to include the new RAID Policy Reliability score and rating.
Niels Engelen
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