Fling update: gemcached 0.2 by VMware Labs

Fling update: gemcached 0.2 by VMware Labs

A few days ago VMware Labs released a new update for the gemcached Fling bringing the release onto version 0.2. The download is available as tar.gz and the total size is about 182KB (yes, it is that small).

Quote taken from the Fling page:

gemcached is a memcached server written in Java that understands memcached’s ASCII protocol and translates it into GemFire operations.

At startup, gemcached server starts an embedded GemFire cache. memcached clients can then talk with the gemcached server, which will store data in GemFire. Using a gemcached server allows clients written in a variety of languages to communicate with a GemFire cache server. Since these are memcached clients they will not be able to GemFire’s client side features like continuous queries and register interest (Please use GemFire’s Java and .NET clients for these features). However all server side (peer-to-peer) features of GemFire such as horizontal scaling using data partitioning and multi-site WAN replication are available.

There is a blog post by the author (Swapnil Bawaskar) which describes how the tool works, the difference with the normal memcached and how to use it.

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