New Fling: SilverLining by VMware Labs

New Fling: SilverLining by VMware Labs

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VMware Labs released a new Fling called SilverLiningA vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript. The download is available as tar.gz package and the total size is about 6MB.

Quote taken from the Fling page:

SilverLining provides a vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for Javascript. This allows you to build a simplified interface for vCloud Director that works from any modern web-browser that supports HTML5, CSS and Javascript. To demonstrate, there is a reference implementation included which one could use to build their own custom UI.

Key Features

  • A flexible vCloud Director 5.1 SDK for JavaScript implemented using vCloud API
  • A reference implementation with a responsive UI done in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Use of metadata feature to enhance the UI with custom attributes on templates and vApps
  • Supports local storage in HTML5 to support offline mode
  • Notifications system to support long running operations
  • Separation of form and content of the backend processes from UI updates
  • Easy install script


SilverLining requires a running instance of vCloud Director 5.1 to be able to run against its API. Access to SilverLining is through a standard browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3.

SilverLining myCloud

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