DELL EqualLogic PS Series Firmware V6.0.4 released

DELL EqualLogic

Today DELL released the new firmware version for their EqualLogic PS Series. This release fixes several bugs.

Dell EqualLogic PS Series Firmware v6.0.4 provides some key maintenance fixes for enhanced stability and performance of your Dell EqualLogic SAN.

PS Series Firmware Version 6.0.4 improves hard drive monitoring intelligence with an advanced predictive reliability algorithm. This algorithm helps preserve overall system reliability and long-term performance.

This enhancement could cause a hard drive to be called out for replacement shortly after the array firmware is updated. If this occurs, the firmware will handle all drive replacements one-at-a-time, according to the enhanced drive rebuild process added in PS Series Firmware Versions 5.2.5 and 6.0.1, a mirror-to-spare operation, which in many cases can improve the performance of a rebuild process.

You can get the firmware for your SAN and all other documents by logging in to EqualLogic support by logging in with your support account.

Niels Engelen
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