VMware vCenter Log Insight Beta available

VMware vCenter Log Insight
VMware vCenter Log Insight delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation and search, extending VMware’s leadership in analytics to log data. With an integrated cloud operations management approach, it provides the operational intelligence and enterprise-wide visibility needed to pro-actively enable service levels and operational efficiency in dynamic hybrid cloud environments.

With this tool VMware tries to change the traditional log management tools as there are not suitable for a dynamic hybrid cloud environment. Traditional search-based tools just don’t cut it. There is a need for a new approach based on analytics and integrated disciplines that is designed for cloud from the ground up.

There are 3 problems with traditional tools when using a VMware environment.

  • They can require users to learn a query language in order to get started with the tool, and need creation of highly complex queries in order to generate the right views and reports based on log data.
  • Their pricing model might be based on amount of log data analyzed, which makes it unpredictable and penalizescustomers by forcing them to buy licenses for peak volumes and worst-case scenarios.
  • They may need additional piecemeal software in order to work with vSphere, and may not always support the latest version.

The tool has 5 big features which traditional tools lack:

  1. Connect to Everything: operating systems, applications, storage, firewalls or network device.
  2. Powerful Log Analytics: real-time monitoring, search and analytics, all combined into dashboards.
  3. Ease of use: just deploy the virtual appliance and get started in no time.
  4. Built-in vSphere Knowledge
  5. Integration with vCenter Operations Management: integrate the tool on the fly.

VMware Log Insight Integration vCenter Operations

VMware vCenter Log Insight delivers automated log management through log aggregation, analytics and search, providing operational intelligence and enterprise-wide visibility in dynamic hybrid cloud environments. It enables improved quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance.

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Niels Engelen
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