Veeam Agent for Linux puppet module

Veeam Agent for Linux puppet module

The Veeam Agent for Linux became generally available last week. With this release Veeam released the first of 2 agents which will help in covering availability for cloud and physical servers. There was a huge demand for this and therefor Veeam created the Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Agent for Windows (coming soon).

Veeam Agent for Linux is the perfect solution for scheduling automatic backups for your Linux instances, regardless if they are running on physical machines, in the public cloud or both.

Veeam Agent for Linux includes:

  • Entire computer, volume-level and file-level backup
  • Built-in snapshot and changed block tracking (CBT) drivers
  • Support for multiple jobs
  • Pre-freeze and post-thaw snapshot scripts
  • Choice of a user-friendly UI or traditional Linux command line interface (CLI)
  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replicationā„¢

The cool thing about Linux is the big choice of automation tools out there nowadays. There is Chef, Ansible, Salt, Puppet and probably some more. Ever since there was an alpha available on the Veeam Agent for Linux I started working on a Puppet module.

The first version of this module is now available via Github.

This module can be used for:

  • Create a repository (Veeam Backup & Replication repository, local, NFS or CIFS)
  • Create a backup job (entire computer or volume based)
  • Configure the license mode (free, workstation or server)
  • Define the schedule (cron based)

It has been tested against the following operating systems:

  • Debian 6/7/8
  • CentOS 6/7
  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04
  • Fedora Core 23/24

Currently this module allows you to deploy the Veeam Agent for Linux with several options. The full list is available via the readme file.

Feedback is appreciated and feel free to modify it as you want!

Happy holidays!

Niels Engelen
Working as a Global Technologist in Product Strategy for Veeam Software with an interest for anything virtual and cloud. Niels is as a VMware Certified Professional (VCP-DCV 4, 5, 6) and a Veeam Certified Architect (VMCA). Niels also gained the VMware vExpert award (2012-2017) and is an ex-PernixPro.
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