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VMCE practice exam

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Ever since the release of the VMCE certificate I have been receiving questions related to Veeam products. More often I received questions if Veeam has a full practice exam and besides the VMCE 7 to VMCE 8 practice exam there is no official practice exam.

However there is a practice exam created by Rasmus Haslund. He is a Veeam Certified Engineer trainer who created 50 questions when VMCE 7 came out and this has recently been updated to version 8. Make sure you try these as well as this is a perfect example compared to the real exam. This practice exam is also devided into categories just like the VMCE course.

As explained in my personal experience post I also passed the VMCE exam. After completing it I had a discussion with my colleague Timothy Dewin about creating an additional practice exam as more and more people ask for it.

The following practice exam is created based on questions we have been receiving about Veeam products but it also contains questions which are specific for the VMCE course.

Some important notes:

  • These are no official questions!
  • You have 30 minutes to answer 25 random questions (the offical VMCE exam has 60 minutes for 50 random questions
  • This exam currently contains 37 questions
  • Use it as a study guide

You may test your skills with this blueprint exam, however we remind you that thorough reading of the textbook and lab guide is necessary for one to prepare to the VMCE Pearson Vue exam!

Best of luck and feel free to give feedback!

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